GB WhatsApp APK: Latest Version – [ANTI BAN 2022 UPDATE]

GB WhatsApp APK: Latest Version – [ANTI BAN 2022 UPDATE]

People these days use WhatsApp to share videos, photos, audio, and more. Are you looking for WhatsApp with some extra features? GB whatsApp apk in this regard is available to download and install. Developers recently have modified the official WhatsApp for the addition of some exciting features like Changing Themes, Setting Online Status, hiding Double Ticks, Using WhatsApp Accounts, and more. It has extra privacy that will be available for free.

Mod of WhatsApp with the extra features

GBWhatsApp APK serves as a fantastic app for users and comes with advanced features. GBWhatsApp serves as the earliest mod of WhatsApp typically updated. The GB WhatsApp APK serves as the customized version of WhatsApp GBWhatsApp, similar to OGWhatsApp. The app comes with lots of boosted functions. There is no need for uninstalling WhatsApp.

GBWhatsapp APK File:

  • App Name: GBWhatsApp APK
  • Android Version: 4.3 and Above
  • Version: Latest Version
  • Main Purpose: Mod of WhatsApp with the Extra Features
  • App size: 44.3 MB
  • Root Required: Not Root Required

Features of GbWhatsApp:

The top features that you need to know are numerous. GB Whatsapp APK 2022, with tons of features, will make it favorable for use on a smartphone.

  • Auto Reply: use this auto-reply feature to reply to any of your friends.
  • DND: When you are using another app on your phone, and you’re looking for an app that won’t disturb you. You can use the DND feature to disable the internet connection for GB Whatsapp only.
  • Text messages Broadcast: send Broadcast text messages to groups serves as a great feature.
  • Filter messages: GB Whatsapp APK with the Filter Messages feature will let the user get the option to clear chat. Also, it helps to filter your messages.
  • Anti-revoke message: Anti-revoke messages feature will be assisting you a lot.
  • Share live locations: Users can also share live locations with friends.
  • Outstanding effects: add outstanding and unique effects that will be assisting you to a huge extent in sending pictures and videos to friends and loved ones.
  • Revoke multiple messages: revoke multiple messages.
  • Send Maximum Pictures: Compared to official Whatsapp, send more than 90 pictures. Send 50 MB video clips and 100 MB audio clips.
  • Endless Themes: Modified version of the Whatsapp theme feature will be helping you with working with amazing themes and Emojis. That being said, you will get the option to apply to your phone.
  • Download Statuses: you can download the pictures and videos of statuses from other contacts.
  • Amazing Font: choose the font. Customize your favorite font.
  • Messages History: check the history of revoked messages.
  • Mark the unread messages: With the help of notification, mark the read messages.
  • Select all chats: select all chats at one time, and you can do that directly from the home screen.
  • Hide your status: You will get the option to hide your voice recording status.
  • Best Image Quality: can send pictures of high resolution.
  • Log History: see the log history.
  • Language: Select the language from the default lost with the language feature.
  • Notification: get the notification when any members from contact lists change their profile picture.
  • Pop-up Notifications: hide your pop-up notifications of this app from the main screen.

Difference between GBWhatsapp and the official Whatsapp

The difference between GBWhatsapp and the official Whatsapp lies in the size of the messaging service. GBWhatsapp is a great app that supports up to 50MB of videos (16MB for official Whatsapp). That being said, it will be helping you with sending and receiving 100 documents (standard 30). Also, what makes it favorable is that you will get the option to copy the status of a friend to the clipboard and copy multiple messages without the date and time.

Android Emulator helps you get the GBWhatsApp APK on iPhone or Android without hassle. Open the emulator, and look for the APK. Right after that, you will get the option to install it and start using it.

The requirement to Download GB WhatsApp APK

To get the advanced support, you will need good internet access (Recommended WiFi connection)

  • Device location access
  • Contact list access
  • Device gallery access
  • Device identity access

GB WhatsApp, an alternative and modified version for WhatsApp users, is a better option than the original WhatsApp application. It has the range of properties that WhatsApp has alongside some of the distinct attributes that the original application may lack. There are numerous tweaked versions of WhatsApp introduced, including the WhatsApp plus, Yo WhatsApp, and FM WhatsApp Download. But the features that GB WhatsApp carry makes it the best. It serves as a messenger app that is similar to the original App. Also, it will give you an idea regarding the contracted files that can be unofficial to the rules of the original WhatsApp application. With the application, you can get the advantage with the use of the convenient and advantageous functions with endless customization. Also, it is the best for the protection of the user’s privacy and letting them enjoy numerous features. In addition to these themes, other settings will allow you to hide, switch off the internet connection, story privacy, and more. iPhone users have been looking to download GB WhatsApp, but it isn’t that easy.

GB WhatsApp apk serves practically and originally as a mod of the original WhatsApp application. A senior member of XDA named Has.007 had developed it. Most properties are from WhatsApp Plus. With the platform, you can rest assured about getting numerous customization options. With the application, you can rest assured about getting a large amount of emojis and themes. Numerous options for the control of privacy make the mod a better choice over others. Through the platform, you will also get the multiple file sharing option.

Final words

An exciting feature of GBWhatsApp is that it is supportive of various accounts in the same application. The company GBWhatsApp allows purchasing of the themes. Regardless of who you are, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, or English, you can rest assured that it will serve your needs.